From the recording GUT FEELING

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GUT FEELING - Written By: Kari Lynch. Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Keys, Programming, Additional drums, Percussion, Guitar: Nathan Stone. Executive Producer: Kari Lynch. Drums: Jared Kneale. Bass: Matt Utterback. Guitar: Travis Radaz. BGV & Additional Vocal Production: Kristen Rogers. Additional BGV: Kari Lynch. Gang Vox: Kristen Rogers, Kyle Coleman, Lyndsey McFarlane, Kari Lynch, Nathan Stone. Recorded at Popryland - Nashville TN. Drums recorded at The Planetarium - Engineered by Thomas Dulin - Nashville, TN. Album Photography - Katie Kessel. Album Artwork: Kari Lynch and Eric Ellis.


I did now I don’t
I could but I won’t
I can’t trust my
Gut Feeling anymore

I read what I wrote
When I said that I was sure
I don’t trust my
Gut Feeling anymore

(cuz it's) Always second guessing lately, just when
I think I know myself, I don’t
The days of reckless dreams are numbered now
And when they’re gone
They’re gone forever

So I paint outside the lines, and
I stay inside my mind, and I
Say it’s best without a reason

I claim I’m doing fine, I’m
Getting better all the time, but I’ve
Just gotten real good at feeding this feeling (cuz)

Running on blind faith is a rebel’s game
Feels so good when it’s good, but you don’t
Notice your heart break underneath the weight
And when it goes
It goes on forever

My intuition lost her mind
My condition caught overnight, and I
Just need to find a way
To the beginning to tell her it’s
Alright, alright now

My inhibitions lost their way
My suspicions overcomplicate things, and I
Just need to find a way
Back to the feeling of this being
Alright, alright now

Well it's alright now
It's alright now