Sticks & Stones Tour 2016

Oh hey guys!

So a couple of exciting things!

1. I entered my original song, "Sweetheart" into ArtPrize 2016 this year and it WON the Country/Folk category!


Yeah, I know! I'm so grateful and excited! (if you can't tell)

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3. I AM LEAVING FOR TOUR IN ONE WEEK! I can not wait to hit the road with Justin for the Two To Be Lonely Tour.

Whoohoo! And because I am leaving for tour in one week, I figured it would probably be good if I finally blogged about my last tour since I haven't done that yet.

So, here are some fun pictures and moments from the Sticks and Stones Tour. It was a blast in a half and looking through these pictures makes me all the more excited to hit the road again in one week.



In March and April 2016 I travelled across the country touring with my good pal, Matt Gabriel. We started the tour in IL on March 1st, travelled all the way out to the west coast and ended back in the midwest in the middle of April.

It was fantastic.

This was my second cross-country tour. I'm consistently blown away by the love and kindness I receive from strangers out on the road. It's so encouraging and it's what keeps me wanting to travel and play music all over this big ol' world.

We played a couple nights in Chi Town and got to stay with our wonderful and talented friend, Niah. The biggest thank you to her for giving up her apartment for 3 days, feeding us, and starting our tour off in the best way.

From Chicago, we headed to South Bend, IN to play at one of my favorite venues, The Chicory Cafe. This venue never disappoints and I am certain that South Bend has some of the nicest people that exist on this planet. I'm looking forward to heading back there in a couple weeks during this next tour. We'll be sharing the bill with my friend and talented singer/songwriter, Chris Kang!

From South Bend, we headed to a venue called Rozz Tox that we'd never played before. It had come highly recommended to me by my good friend, Dena Woods (who is a fantastic musician AND human by the way). You should check out her music and get yo-selves to a live show if she is playing near you!

Once we arrived, met the owner Benjamin and scoped out the venue, I totally knew why Dena had spoken so highly about it. Rozz Tox was one of my favorite venues to play during the Sticks and Stones Tour. It's the most unique music venue I've ever played. The show was intimate and the audience came to listen. You can't ask for a better experience as a singer/songwriter.

We were given the most wonderful welcome our first time in Rock Island, IL. So looking forward to playing this venue again in a couple weeks!

Rozz Tox - Rock Island, IL

This. :)

Our next stop was Gabes in Iowa City, IA. This was my second time playing at Gabes. I've always enjoyed playing this venue and getting to meet new bands that we get billed with. We played with a band called, Crystal City that night who were pretty darn great. Beautiful harmonies and songs. 

The road is my happy place. The highway is HOME. It makes me smile a lot.

I see you I-80 West. (which we were on FOREVER)

I finally, actually found Nowhere. According to this town in Colorado, I did it. At that moment I guess you could say I had finally ended up Nowhere Now. MmmHmm.

Ba Dum Tiss. :D

Sometimes your tour mate brings his mini-Martin and you get to jam in the front seat. This was the one, ONE good idea you've ever had in your life, Matt Gabriel. 

Just've probably had at least 3 good ideas. 

Ok fine, MAYBE 4. But that's pushing it. A lot.

How much do you guys think Matt misses being on the road with me? 

One of my best friends, Sara lives in Boulder and she and her roommate were gracious enough to host us while we were there. We even played a house show in their wonderful home! It was the best.


Colorado is a beautiful GEM.

From Boulder, we headed to our next stop in Jackson Hole, WY (the most charming little town by the way). We drove through beautiful mountains on the way to Wyoming and even got to stop for a moment to fill up our water bottles with natural spring water! It was delicious by the way. Should we have put it in our bodies without really knowing where it came from or what's been in it? Probably not. But the good news is, we're both still alive. 

I also brushed my teeth with it before our show that night. Just sayin'.

This is Matt heading down to fill up our water bottles. What a guy! 

Driving through the mountains is always beautiful and interesting. You never know what you're going to see or if a pack of these cool animals will make you have to stop and wait so they can cross the road. I still don't know what these were. 


We loved playing Pinky G's! Awesome venue and we met some of the nicest folks! Big thanks to Chris and Mariane for taking us in for the evening. We truly planned to sleep in the car because getting a hotel would have been pointless at that point. They saved the day for two traveling musicians! 

Jackson, little charmer you! 

Guys, Wyoming is really pretty and the clouds touch the ground there.

Our next tour stop was Missoula, MT. What a cool city! We drove 8 hours from Jackson, WY to Missoula just in time to make it to set up for our show. It was a looooong day but totally worth it because Draught Works Brewery was such a fun show. 

I won't be making it to Missoula during the Two to Be Lonely Tour (we are however playing at a new venue in Great Falls, MT that I'm supa jazzed about), but I hope to get to head back again soon! 

This is Talulah. Mark my words, she is going to be a big star someday AND she's the absolute sweetest little girl. She told me she wanted to be a singer and was working to get over her fear of approaching people (she was really nervous to come talk to me). I gave her one of my guitar picks and we talked about chasing your dreams and working hard for your goals. It just made my entire night to talk to her. She reminded me so much of myself when I was her age and it made me realize again how blessed I am to make music for a living and get to meet people like her on the road. Her mom messaged me the next day on Facebook and told me that she fell asleep clutching the pick and saying she wished we were sisters so we could sing together all the time. Oh my heart. Such a doll. Hope I get to see you again soon, Talulah!


Iowa to Boulder to Wyoming to Montana to Washington were some supa long days of driving and playing, but honestly drives with views like this make it worth it. 

Poncho / Heart Sunglasses - ALL DAY ERR DAY

We made a quick pit stop in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for lunch and then headed onward to Winthrop, WA to play what will forever be one of my favorite venues, Old Schoolhouse Brewery

I hope I get to play this venue every time I go out west. It's the best.

It's maybe the coolest thing ever when you walk into a venue on the opposite side of the country from where you reside, where you've only ever played once before and folks come up to you with original song requests. This song request list was given to me before the show started and it totally made my night. I love you Winthrop, WA! 

Washington is probably my favorite state to drive through. It is beautiful everywhere. The colors and tones are out of this world. 

You might be wondering if I ever took off that hat, that poncho and those sunglasses the entire tour...the answer is no. No, I did not. ;)

Our next tour stop was Union, WA. We played to a lovely crowd of the most welcoming people at Robin Hood Resort AND we got to stay in the most ADORBS cabin of all time. (yeah I said ADORBS cuz that's what it was). I seriously don't think I have met a mean person in Washington yet. Absolutely love that state and the people. 

The next day we headed to Seattle, but not before making a late breakfast stop. 

(because breakfast and bunch are the most fun and my personal favorite meals to go out for...let's be honest, probably because they generally involve coffee or mimosas...or both). 

Two Things:

1. Those are gluten-free pancakes and they were DELICIOUS.

2. I spilled the syrup and Matt told me that he had seen this "life-hack" where if you pour salt on syrup it peels right up off the I did it (because I am by nature too trusting and I always try to see the best in people) and I kept doing it until I looked up and realized he was laughing at me because nothing about what he said was true and all I did was make the mess even bigger and more annoying while looking like an idiot. 

So naturally, he took this picture.

Seattle. It was really nice to see Seattle again. :)

Truth. Actual maximum level of tired achieved once we reached Seattle after driving about 52 hours in 6 days and playing 5 shows. ALL the tired. 

Once we got to Seattle we had a day off and got to spend some time doing our own thing and exploring the city a bit. I popped into some coffee shops, record stores and thrift stores and Matt caught up with some friends of his. 

And we made sure to say hello to the Pacific Ocean.

Tour Lyfe is my favorite Lyfe.

Representin' MICHIGAN in Seattle. 

A lot of you folks asked where I got this hat when I posted this picture on my Instagram. It's from The Oddest Shop in Grand Rapids, MI. Y'all should check em' out. They've got some supa rad stuff.

 (p.s - heart sunglasses)

We stayed with my wonderful friends, Derrick and Tina. Not only are they the nicest people in the world who seriously win EVERY award for best hosts ever, they also have the coolest jobs in Seattle in the gaming industry. We got to go up to Tina's office and literally be at the top of the city. It was awesome. 

The next day, Tina took us to her favorite spot for Chinese Brunch and bubble tea. Both were firsts for me!

Some VERY interesting dishes. I didn't try them all, mostly because of dietary restrictions and because I don't eat meat (so the cow stomach lining and chicken feet were out for me, sadly ;) ...but what I did try was super tasty. It was a fun experience too! 

This gal is the most refreshing and warm person, truly one of my favorite people. We grew up together and she lives out in Seattle now. It's so nice getting to see her when I am there on tour. Love this chick and always love our conversations about life over Mexican food and margaritas. 

Our next tour stops were Oregon and southern Washington and we managed to get ONE decent tour picture together (actually the only one we've ever taken together) where one of us isn't making a terrible face or being obnoxious. WE DID IT! 

P.S - This was the part of tour where I moved on from the poncho to the huge gold sweater I found at a thrift shop in Seattle...the hat and heart sunglasses remained.

Feeding my duck friends in Oregon. :)

A little sight-seeing before our show.

Well, we got one nice picture and that's what matters. 

Hi. :)

Did a little walking around Portland the next day before our show in Vancouver. 

That one time I accidentally (because it's just how I normally dress) dressed like the 90's in Portland so I walked around humming Portlandia's theme song about the 90's all day because I'm not obnoxious or anything. 

Also, Smooooothie.

Our show that night in Vancouver at English Estate Winery was so fun. Matt has a ton of family over that way and they were the sweetest and most hospitable people! They fed us, housed us and came out to be the best crowd at this show. It was a good day. :)

Even though Voodoo Doughnut in Portland didn't have any gluten-free doughnuts, I forgave them because of THIS.

From Oregon we traveled to California to play at show in Big Sur. ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PLACES IN THE UNIVERSE. Big Sur is incredibly beautiful. I was so happy to get to play a show in this magical place.

Big Sur

Big Sur is pretty much the shire mixed with ocean and warm air and it's perfect.

The Venue we played gave us yurts to stay in for the night. These are basically giant tents and the coolest things ever.

 Oh yeah, and this was the view off the balcony.
Oh hey, ocean.

We ended a great show with Ben and Jerry's because what other way is there to end a show really? (besides tacos...obviously tacos)

Ocean air styled hair is my favorite kind of styled hair. :)

I took a picture in this spot on this rock my very first west coast tour in 2015 so I had to do it again. I'm going to take this picture every time I get to play music out west and drive the Pacific Coast Highway going through Big Sur.

I look at this picture and I am amazed and so grateful at the places music has taken me.

Got to hang in San Francisco again. It's full of weirdos, record shops, vintage/thrift stores, taco stands and coffee shops. It's basically a dream land. Oh, and Ben & Jerry's...all the Ben & Jerry's.

(yes I had Ben & Jerry's for dinner)

Spotted this in Santa Rosa, CA before our show at Cellars of Sonoma and it made me smile. :)

"She sits alone in a corner by the window, listening to mixes of "Little Games..."

Because I hit the road right after we finished recording "Little Games", I had to spend a lot of time in coffee shops and in the car listening through the mixes so they could get sent off to master in time for the release in May. I had a lot of things going on at once and I'll be honest, it was a little crazy. 

Next time I decide to record a new album, organize/plan/film a music video, go on a cross country tour, begin booking the next tour and finish booking my summer tour during my west coat tour, plan a music video release, plan an album release, listen to mixes, master mixes, finalize designs for logos/album/website, oh and build a new website ALL at the SAME TIME while touring across the country...somebody shake me and tell me NO. 

Sonoma country-side is the greenest of greens. So pretty. Loved playing in this lovely area of the world and so looking forward to being there again this November! 

I got to see my beautiful friend and roommate from college, Rachel at our show in Sonoma too. It had been years and it was so great to catch up with her. She's out in San Fransisco working for one of my favorite clothing companies ever - Modcloth. I'm so proud of her! 

Made more duck friends in California. 

You just have to sort of stop caring what your hair looks like at some point.

And also kinda stop caring about wearing makeup everyday too...

We left California for Utah and Nevada, but not before making a stop in Lake Tahoe. 

Lake Tahoe - I'm still not even sure this place was real because it is truly a painting come to life.

After a couple days on the road, our travels brought us back through Colorado to play a few shows in Fort Collins. This city is neat and supa cute.

And we played a house show in Boulder. It was one of my favorite shows of the entire tour. Thank you to everyone who came out to my friend, Sara's house to share the night with us and make us feel so welcomed. It was so special and a wonderful way to end our shows in Colorado.

The next morning we decided to explore Boulder a little before heading to our next destination (Nebraska). I'm so glad we did. This was one of my most memorable moments from our tour.

Did a little hiking and bare feet rock climbing and it was the best. 

Life is Good.

This view though. Oh hey Boulder...and the rest of Colorado. 

I'm thankful we took the time to take this in before hitting the road again. 

Getting a minute to slow down was when it hit me that I get to do this for a living. By some incredible grace of God I get to do the thing that I love for a living and that is the most amazing thing. Music has taken me all over this country and to different parts of this world and I hope that it will keep taking me to new places. I'm incredibly grateful for this life. Even when it's hard. Even when I'm tired and feel discouraged or worried. Even when I'm not sure how the next week or month or year is going to look. At the end of the day, I still go to sleep thanking God for blessing me the way he has and for continuing to open doors that keep me on this path. I will never stop being grateful. 

Our last show was at a beautiful winery in Springfield, NE and aside from a little bit of wind it could not have been a more beautiful day to end the Sticks and Stones Tour. 

Somewhere in Iowa.

The Sticks and Stones Tour had us playing 22 shows, visiting 27 different cites, seeing old friends and making new ones, driving across the country and back again in a month and a half and it was great. I love being on the road. I never knew how much I loved being on the road until I started touring this way. It's pretty ironic how refreshed and inspired you feel when you've been driving for hours on end, loading in and loading out of venues, eating/sleeping/getting ready/brushing your teeth all in your car, driving for more hours, sleeping on couches...etc. You would think it'd be the opposite, but I never feel better than when I am out on the highway playing my music for new people in new places. It nice to have that affirmation that this is what I am supposed to me doing. <3

I cannot wait to leave for my next tour in ONE week from today. 

Our first stop is Chicago, IL at Uncommon Ground. Can't wait to see my Chicago friends and kick off this tour at such a cool venue. 

If you already follow me on Instagram, Snapchat ( snapchat is: karilynch ), Twitter and Facebook you were able to follow the Sticks & Stones Tour shenanigans in real time.

I'm going to Snap, Tweet, Instagram and Facebook just as much (probably even more) during the Two To Be Lonely Tour. So if you're into that sort of thing and you want to go along on this next adventure, make sure you follow my social networks. You can find them by clicking the links above or head to my WEBSITE where you can find links to all of them located there as well.

I'm going to do Facetime Live videos this time around too and I'll be streaming some of our live shows on my Facebook page! I'll be blogging throughout that tour as well. So, rather than one long blog at the end of tour, I'll post a few shorter blogs throughout.

Check out my TOUR SCHEDULE for a full list of show dates and venue information. Thanks for reading and following along guys! Can't wait to see y'all out on the road!

Nothin' but love.

xo - Kari

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