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Hey Hey y'all, 

If you've been following along, here is PART THREE (covering our time in beautiful Oregon and California) of the Two To Be Lonely Tour. Honestly, we barely have any pictures of us performing any of the seven shows we played throughout California and Oregon. Kinda hard to take pictures of yourself while you're on stage performing, but it was SO INSANELY GORGEOUS that we took a ton of photos on the travel days when we got to go out and explore a little.

Some of the most beautiful sites I've ever seen. For reels. 


Our first stop after we left Washington was Whirled Pies in Eugene, OR for the Whirled Pies Concert Series. Eugene is such a cool city and we met so many nice folks at that show. After the show that same night we drove straight to Coos Bay, OR where our next show was the next night. We decided we wanted to wake up in Coos Bay so that we'd have a little time before the show started to explore a bit. I am SO GLAD WE DID because it was one of the prettiest places I have ever seen in my life. 

We also both destroyed our cell phones that day. So there's that.

Hey Hey, Coos Bay.

Take a photo of me sitting on the edge of the worrrrrld. 

Hi. :)

But how pretty can one place be though?!?

We went out early before the tide would come in later that evening and we got to walk super far out into the ocean. It was radical and I took so many photos.

Though I would not recommend climbing rocks and hiking out into the middle of the ocean in was TOTALLY worth it once we got out there. 

I mean.

When we got out there, Justin decided to try to give me a heart attack and climb a bunch of cliffs. 

Made for some pretty Epic photos though. 

Then we decided to walk the beach a little farther down. After a while we rounded a corner and this was the first thing I saw. <3

Justin managed to capture my excitement the exact moment a huge wave came over the rocks.

Just leave me here. I'll be fine. I can live here now, thanks.

The waves were huge.

Speaking of huge waves, we decided to venture way out onto the cliffs to get as close as we (safely) could to the waves. It was mostly my idea. I really wanted to get just close enough to feel a little mist off the waves when they crashed. 

Whelp, I definitely got to feel a "mist" off the waves because we got out there and right when we did a MONSTER wave came in...when I say "monster wave," what I mean is that this wave was the size of a house, no joke. We both realized pretty quickly that we were in trouble. Remember that thing I said earlier about destroying our cell phones. Yeah...the ocean attacked and SOAKED us completely. We saw the wave coming in and before we knew it a HUGE amount of water hit the rocks, flew up over our heads and came gushing down on top of us. The water came down so hard that both of our hats were pushed down over our faces. Like, the inside of my pockets were drenched. Head to toe. Completely soaked in salt water. 

I couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes straight. Seriously. It was the best and funniest way to ruin a cell phone ever. Of course I didn't want that to happen, but honestly, it was one of the coolest things to ever happen to me so I can't even be that mad. Will I go out that close to the ocean again? Probably not, mostly because it truly is not that safe and we're lucky we didn't get washed away into the yeah kids, don't try this at home, ok? 

ATW (after the wave). Bye cell phones and dry clothes.

After the "wave episode" we decided it was probably time to get back into the city to change before our show that night at Seven Devils Brewing. Oh man, we loved playing there. Some of the nicest people ever. We were so well received and everyone was awesome to us. I wish we could have stayed a little longer. I feel like I probably say that a lot.

After a quick couple of days in Oregon, we hit the road to California. We had two travel days off to get to L.A. so we decided to take our time and make a couple stops along the way.

One of those stops was to see the Redwood Forest which we both had never seen.

It was SO PRETTY, you guys.

There are a lot of places in the world that will remind you just how small you really are, this is one of those places.

Then we decided to be super touristy and do a tour (in little bucket/cart things I can only equate to the carts you sit in on a big ferris wheel) through the tops of the Redwoods.

We were verrrrry high, sitting in a little cart attached to safety by only a few cables. I was only a little terrified though, don't worry.


We left the Redwoods and kept driving. Eventually we had to stop and get out again because we finally came across some California salt water and sand. 

You know, flying places is great. You get there quicker and sometimes those long hours on the road are rough, but I would chose the road over flying again and again for the simple reason that you get to stop along the way, put your feet on new ground and enjoy how beautiful our world is. 

Pretty, pretty little coastline in California.

For instance, this lovely little farm market and fruit stand we were able to stop at. I tried to make friends with the Peacocks. I try to make friends with pretty much all the animals we find anywhere we go and Justin always manages to capture my failed attempts. 

The Peacocks were not having it.

I'll share these pears with you though...ok bye.

Finally we made it to L.A. and played a show at Republic of Pie. It was even more fun because we got to see some of our really good friends and family at that show and we got to spend some time with them afterward. 

We stayed in Los Angeles that night and woke up early the next morning to have some coffee and explore Santa Monica before we had to head out again.

Again, just trying to make some friends, guys.

 A girl, A Seagull and A trash can on the Santa Monica Pier. 

Our next string of California shows were farther north in California. We decided to take the long way. Had to make a stop in San Fransisco, duh.

Also had to take the Pacific Coast Highway and stop in Big Sur, CA. One of the most beautiful spots on the planet y'all. 


After another long day of traveling, we made it to Santa Rosa, CA where we played a winery called Cellars of Sonoma. Having a few days off here and there was nice because we had four shows in a row, Thursday through Sunday, before we left Cali for our next destination on tour.

After the last show of the California run, we figured it was only proper to celebrate with some Sonoma Cider. We had such a good time playing in California. Sometimes some of the best shows you play are in the small towns where you don't know what to expect. We found this to be true over and over again in California. We played shows were we felt like we actually got to know people and share a special evening with them. 

This part of the tour felt like a blur while it was happening. We spent so many hours on the road in such a small amount of time and somehow managed to pepper in seven shows, find new cell phones, do some laundry and spend time with friends. I really don't know how it all fits in sometimes looking back at it all, but I'm so happy that we take the time to adventure when we're out on the road because even when we're tired, it's always worth it. 

Stay tuned for PART FOUR, the final blog post covering the last leg of The Two To Be Lonely Tour in Colorado, Nebraska, Arkansas and Virginia, coming attcha this week. Whew! 

Thanks for reading y'all. 

Nothin' but love

xo - Kari 

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