Christmas show rockin' with Frankie Ballard at The State Theater...

Hey guys!


2017 has been quite a trip so far. Now we're here in March and I sorta haven't blogged in a couple months. *face palm*

Anywho! I wanna catch y'all up, so I'll be posting 3 blogs this week recapping some of the awesome shows we got to play the last couple of months.

First up, our show with Frankie Ballard at The State Theater in Kalamazoo.

Blogs covering our show in February with Tyler Farr at The Intersection AND the Two To Be Lonely Tour coming later this week as well. Whoohoo!

Ok, so technically this show happened near the end of December, but we're counting it here. 

It is always so much fun getting to share a stage with Frankie Ballard. He's a born and raised Michigan boy and when the Michigan fans come out to his shows It. Is A. PARTY. This was my fifth time opening for Frankie and each time it's more fun than the last. Frankie and his crew are always awesome to us. His family is wonderful and everyone always makes us feel so welcomed. It was really a joy to get to open his Christmas show at the State Theater again. Huge thanks to him and his crew and family for having us out!

Also huge thanks to the stunning Kalamazoo State Theater for having us back. I love playing that stage and love the folks at The State Theater. One of my very favorite places to play, and also one of the best places to see a show y'all. Check them out!

The day started with a visit to my beauties at Cheeky Strut in Grand Rapids, MI where we decided to have a little bit of fun and add some Pink Christmas sparkle! It's a little scary doing drastic changes with my look, but always so worth it and Hillary absolutely NAILED IT with this Brigitte Bardot (my personal hair icon) inspired hair. Kalie over at Siren and Proper in Grand Rapids, MI did a beautiful job with my makeup too. I'm so lucky to have these wonderful and talented women making me feel all sparkly and pretty for my shows! They kill it every single time and are so creative. Check them out and give them a visit y'all!


Pre-show backstage with KLB. Typical.

Show Time.

Big thanks to the wonderful Tim Niceswander (Photo-Famous) for shooting lovely photos of our show and sharing them with us. He's a staple at Frankie's Christmas show every year. Such an awesome guy and a wonderful photographer. Check out his work on Facebook

All smiles all the damn time because the stage is my happy place. 

I get a lot of folks asking where I get my outfits for shows. I especially had a lot of folks ask about this particular outfit. So, here you go!

Romper: Via my momma (seriously, my mom found this and picked it out for me because she rules...also she got it at Charlotte Russe.)

Boots: H&M

Belt: No Idea. I've literally had this belt for 10 years. But I imagine just about any thicker black belt would work well with this look.

Frankie, doin' the thing! 

Hi, I'm Kari. Let's be friends. :)

Meeting and getting to chat with and hug y'all after shows is one of my very favorite things about what I do. Thanks for coming over to say hello after the show! :)

Kissin' Frogs at the Meet N' Greet.

Y'all, I love them. From running the merch table, taking care of "the behind the scenes" on show days, to making runs for eyelash glue, to making sure I remember to eat and have fun and not take myself too seriously...I would totally be a mess without these girls. xo

That guy right there is a class act y'all. SHOUTING IT OUT to Frankie for donating one of his signed baseball jerseys from his days playing at Western University to the Jingle Jam this year. After the show he graciously gave this to us to auction off at the Jingle Jam (which is held every December to benefit Mel Trotter Ministries) helping to fight homelessness!

Also shouting it out to Big Frank! Frankie's dad is awesome y'all. He always has the sweetest words of encouragement and support and is just a fun guy to be around. He's been an encourager of my music and career since the first time I opened for Frankie back in 2012 and I hope he and his family know how much I appreciate them and the kindness they've shown me!

Wanna see more photos? Check out my FACEBOOK PAGE for more! 


Stay tuned this week for a couple more posts catching us all back up. I had planned to stay on top of my blog, blogging more often (weekly) beginning in January 2017, but January and February proved to be a little crazy with travel, some unexpected life changes and in addition I spent the second half of February battling illness. Also, my puppy Jack Jack passed away unexpectedly in early February, so I had to give myself a little time to get back on track. 

That being said, I love blogging and I'll be doing it a lot more this year. I'll also be switching it up a little and blogging about more things. I pay attention when you guys e-mail and message me about my blog and what you'd like to see. Folks have suggested that I write more blogs featuring outfit posts, to sharing more about what I'm listening to, more about life in Nashville and life on the road, to the more personal interest posts and sharing more of my writing work via this blog. So, ask and you shall receive! I'll be sharing more of those things this year and writing weekly blogs to help cover more ground. I created this blog as a way to reach out and share more than just pictures on Instagram and posts on Facebook. I get to dig in here and it's going to be fun to explore more of that this year. 

Thanks for following along y'all!

nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari 

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